Technical Analysis: In my last articles, I shared that for any Forex trading method to be considered, it must be first, a complete method (insert link to previous article) and second, it must teach specific risk management rules. Today's article on ways to find the right trading method for Forex trading revolves around Technical research. For details read my Forex Income Engine 2 Review. I think the best Forex trading strategies are based primarily on technical research, without being a hundred percent mechanical or automated.

As you already realize there are 2 first forces acting in the Forex markets : elemental information, which include such indicators as balance of trade info, money supply, rates, financial and economic reports, etc. For details see this Forex Income Engine 2.0. ; and technical info, which include such indicators as moving averages, average directional movement, stochastics, etc.

So, why should a currency trading strategy be focused technical indicators?

First, trying to trade on elemental information needs you to be available on a realtime bases at whatever hour of the day or night the stories impacts the markets, and, you have to be able to act on that stories before ( predictive ) or at the instant thousands of other forex traders do ( reactive ), otherwise, you'll have missed your opportunity.

Trading on elementals, as well, is less about the info itself and more on the market's reaction to that data.

Technical research   permits the trader  more time to make a smart call.

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